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SATURDAISIES: Now that the Red Cup Brouhaha is Over… What Next?

For all the people who jumped on the Starbucks Hates Jesus bandwagon, (you’ve GOT to see the video on this link!)...


SATURDAISIES: Aging Gracefully — Part Two

Since it’s always great to talk about the body parts that are falling apart in our declining years, I posted...


I Think We Should All Sit Down and Have a Cup of Coffee in a Big, Red Cup!

Sweet little baby Jesus on a unicycle.   Please tell me these rants are merely the death throes of a...


SATURDAISIES: Aging Gracefully — There’s More Riding on This Than You Think!

I’m 49.   And three weeks.   And one day.   I’m not old, and everything is relative, right?  ...



What is NaNoWriMo, you say? NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH! We are just crazy enough to write 50,000 words in 30...

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SATURDAISIES: Using your Writing Group to Promote Literacy and Establish a Presence in Your Community

I never have trouble getting up before my alarm rings on a Saturday morning. For one, I’m looking forward to...


SATURDAISIES: The Makings of a Successful Writing Group

Last week I tried to entice all the writers out there to consider being part of a writing group. The...


SATURDAISIES: Perks of Being in a Writing Group

I posted on Facebook once: “Spending the day with my laptop. I know you all think I’m sipping Dom Perignon...


SATURDAISIES: The Flying M-Inklings – We’re in a Cabin in the Idaho Outback as You Read This… BE JEALOUS!

Yeah, be jealous — because BEING A WRITER is THE LIFE! At this very moment, our writing group is on...


SATURDAISIES: Juxtaposition — It’s Everywhere

Two guys are pretty big in the news right now: One is Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, who bought...

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