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One of the joys of my life is being out in the public arena meeting people and hearing their stories of hope and healing.


I am currently working hard to raise awareness as to how parents and caretakers can take preemptive measures to keep their children safer in this world with my Don't Fear the Monsters tour to promote the final book in my advocacy series,


Monsters Under the Bed:

Practical Steps for Keeping our Children

Safe from Sexual Predators












No ambiguity there.

I cover the following critical areas:

~ The Lies We Believe

~  Teaching Autonomy and Consent

~ Open and Safe Communication

~ When Kids Hurt Kids

~ Social Media and Internet Safety

~ The Grooming Process

~ Reporting Abuse

~ Children in Foster Care

~ The Vulnerability and Accountability of

Organizations who Serve Children

~ How to Deal with Bullying

~ Eradicating Child Abuse

from the Face of the Planet

I am available to speak for your organization, church, shelter, athletic group, school, coffee shop, book club, writers’ group, or any other entity

in person or via Skype.

 if you are interested in having me speak,

please fill out the contact form.